Film Review: Evil Dead… Gore and More

Are you an Evil Dead purist? Is Sam Raimi’s 1981 shlockfest your personal Holy Grail of cinema? Well, Viral Read has some good news for you:

The remake ain’t that bad!

Call me… maybe?

Guided by the producing talents of Raimi and series hero Bruce Campbell, newcomer/director Fede Alvarez has crafted a film that even die-hard Evil Dead fans can enjoy: a gory, shlocky, relentless bloodbath (literally) which also retains Raimi’s wit and unique brand of humor.

While Evil Dead (the remake) will most likely not go down in history as a masterpiece, it does manage to deliver a solid handful of genuinely terrifying moments which- true to form- are often book-ended with moments that give the audience a needed laughter break. Kudos to the effects team, whose work is enough to turn even the strongest stomach while also being well-earned and well-executed.

Hope you're not queasy...

Hope you’re not queasy…

In addition to Alvarez’s deft direction, solid performances from Jane Levy and Lou Taylor Pucci help give the film extra weight.

Looking for a fun night at the movies? Then Evil Dead is your pick… but make sure you have someone to hold on to for those moments when you just can’t take it anymore.

Bottom Line: Definitely worth it.



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