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TV Review: "Hemlock Grove"... WTF?

When Netflix announced it would be premiering Hemlock Grove to follow its uber-successful hit House of Cards, the buzz was tremendous. The trailer for the show only added to the frenzy.
Then it premiered… and became quite possibly the most awkward, nonsensical, ridiculous show around. Famke Janssen, arguably the show’s biggest star, puts on what may go down as history’s worst accent, the dialogue is pretentious and the thrills are few and far between.
Though initial ratings were higher for Grove than for House of Cards, that bubble soon burst- proving networks (whether on television or internet-driven) still don’t know how to make lightning strike twice.

Film Review: Stay Out of "Room 237"

For anyone who considers himself a fan of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, attendance to the new documentary Room 237 seems to be a no-brainer. An attempt at exposing secret messages, hidden meanings and political statements that were supposedly the actual driving forces behind Kubrick’s 1980 masterpiece, Room 237 is just one huge, absurd mess. What it wants to be is a film that finds the cinematic needle in a Kubreckian haystack, but what 237 unfortunately gives […]

5 Thrillers We Can't Wait To See

Admit it.  Everyone loves to be scared. Be it roller coasters or skydiving or watching terrifying movies alone in the dark, we love it.  And we here at ViralRead would like to enable your addiction to all things suspenseful, so here’s a list of upcoming shockfests we can’t wait to see: 1) The Conjuring (July 19) We don’t know much about this movie yet, but what we do know is it’s directed by […]

Film Review: Evil Dead... Gore and More

Are you an Evil Dead purist? Is Sam Raimi’s 1981 shlockfest your personal Holy Grail of cinema? Well, Viral Read has some good news for you: The remake ain’t that bad! Guided by the producing talents of Raimi and series hero Bruce Campbell, newcomer/director Fede Alvarez has crafted a film that even die-hard Evil Dead fans can enjoy: a gory, shlocky, relentless bloodbath (literally) which also retains Raimi’s wit and […]