TV Review: “Hemlock Grove”… WTF?

When Netflix announced it would be premiering Hemlock Grove to follow its uber-successful hit House of Cardsthe buzz was tremendous. The trailer for the show only added to the frenzy.

Then it premiered… and became quite possibly the most awkward, nonsensical, ridiculous show around. Famke Janssen, arguably the show’s biggest star, puts on what may go down as history’s worst accent, the dialogue is pretentious and the thrills are few and far between.

Though initial ratings were higher for Grove than for House of Cards, that bubble soon burst- proving networks (whether on television or internet-driven) still don’t know how to make lightning strike twice.

Thrillers are cool.

Ooooh… a creepy sign!

Horror thrillers are cooler.


Werewolves are…ok.


Gypsies are… wait, what?

For all you ladies out there…

And main characters who have gigantic, robotic, high school-age sisters are… yeah, not so much.

No, but seriously… what the hell is that?

Bottom Line: No thanks.

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