Film Review: Avoid “The Purge”

Nothing can ruin a good story quicker than bad writing and stupid characters.

For the first 20 minutes, The Purge is one of the coolest movies in recent memory. Its concept- that a not-so-distant-future America has legalized all crime for one day a year- is both intriguing and terrifying, and the tension is almost immediate.

It doesn’t last.

You know the part where the character is about to do something REALLY dumb…?

Instead, the film quickly devolves into a series of unbelievably stupid decisions and idiotic characters. Using the cheap device of an ambiguously crippled, inexplicably uber-empathetic son (who may be a shoo-in if the Academy Awards had a category for Best Achievement in Annoying Performance), the family decides they would rather have an ongoing moral debate in the face of danger rather than acknowledge the reality of their situation.

Suddenly, Ethan Hawke‘s character- a normal run-of-the-mill American dad- becomes John McClane and the film loses all remaining credibility.

Ridiculous, over-the-top performances from Rhys Wakefield, Adelaide Kane and Arija Bareikis (which are the product of shamefully poor directing) only contribute to the absurdity that is The Purge, and not even the gorgeous and talented Lena Headey (better known as Cersei from Game of Thrones) can save it.

Poor, poor Cersei

Bottom Line: Don’t bother with this one, and if you do, don’t blame Viral Read.

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