5 Country Artist Recommendations for Non-Country Music Fans

In honor of the American Country Music Awards, which are being broadcast tonight, here’s a list of country music recommendations for all you non-country music fans.

The following five artists demonstrate the best crossover appeal for those who don’t consider themselves fans of the country genre.  If you have any desire to diversify your music library with some country, but dismiss the genre as too twangy or unlistenable, here are some recommendations:


1) Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood, a past winner of American Idol, clearly has crossover appeal. She has a great cover of The Pretenders’ “I’ll Stand By You.” Her songs ”Good Girl,” and  ”Last Name,” are great blends of pop and country. She continues her success with her most recent album, Blown Away. The title track and ”Two Black Cadillacs” are both great songs you should add to your playlists.


2) Zac Brown Band

You can’t listen to Zac Brown Band’s “Chicken Fried,” and not be overwhelmed with a sense of patriotism. The song speaks of freedoms we take for granted in this country, the last verse paying tribute to American soldiers who have died to preserves those freedoms. Their song “Toes” is another feel-good song that transcends genres I think you’d find yourself listening to regularly.


3) The Band Perry

You wouldn’t think from listening to it that  ”If I Die Young” by The Band Perry was country song. If you like that song, and there’s a good chance if you’ve heard that you do, you’ll also enjoy ”All Your Life,” and “You Lie.” “Better Dig Two,” off their forthcoming album is another great song worthy of your attention. (see below)


4) Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum’s first crossover hit was “Need You Now,” but if you’ve only heard that song, then you are missing out. “Just A Kiss” from their their album Own The Night, and “Downtown” from their latest album Golden are both songs you enjoy from this trio.


5) Taylor Swift

Perhaps this one was obvious. Her self-titled debut album made her name in country genre, and her second album, Fearless, solidifed her a crossover success. Each of her four albums have several songs worthy of your attention, it’s hard to pick a few to mention here. Her most recent album Red, definitely has more pop influence to it. “Treacherous,” “I Knew You Were Trouble” (below) and “All Too Well” are are great songs.


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