4 ‘Weiner Truthers’ Who Think Anthony Weiner Was Framed!!!!!

It’s hardly been covered outside of Twitter spats between the right and the fringe left, but there are actually people out there who believe former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) was framed and blackmailed by Andrew Breitbart, and subsequently resigned.

Now that Anthony Weiner is courting press, the latest outreach effort with the New York Times, for his mayoral run — it’s time to explore some of the crevasses of the political Internet. Weiner Truthers believe Weiner is lying about exposing his wiener.

Rosie Gray of BuzzFeed did a short overview of the Weiner Truthers about 11 and a half months ago on the one year anniversary of Weinergate.

Weiner — this dude:

Sorry about that. Too late for a NSFW I’m sure.

We present “Weiner Truthers”…

1. Neal Rauhauser

Rauhauser exists in the buttcrack of the Internet. Those who share his political ideology largely stay away from the hacker and activist who managed to get banned for the liberal community blog site DailyKos — a rare feat. His connection to convicted criminal Brett Kimberlin has also drawn scrutiny over the past 10 months, a subject that attracted the interest of the late Andrew Breitbart himself.


Robert Stacy McCain has covered Neal Rauhauser extensively.

2. @OccupyRebellion on Twitter

Nobody knows who is behind this account, although it is closely associated with Rauhauser who has admitted to creating and managing hundreds of Twitter accounts, including troll accounts used to attack conservative bloggers and journalists covering his pet issues.

Spam. Block.

Neal has since deleted many accounts that particpated in pushing the Weiner Truther theory surrounding Weinergate, scrubbed his blog, and set his personal account to protected mode on Twitter.

One of the most interesting theories about “Occupy Rebellion” was suggested last year by Lee Stranahan, who did extensive reporting about WeinerGate: Stranahan speculated in November that “Occupy Rebellion” is the same person who masqueraded as “Jennifer George,” a mysterious figure on the periphery of the Weiner scandal.

3. Joseph Cannon of cannonfire.blogspot.com

In a post “CASE CLOSED! CONGRESSMAN WEINER WAS FRAMED!” Cannon argues that Weiner was framed. He founds some technical loopholes that were later explained away, but it was a classic case of having a theory, doing some searching on the internet and stumbling onto what it appears to be evidence of validation. But he was wrong.


The only ship Cannon may have shot was his own 15 seconds of internet fame.

4. Liberal Blogger Karoli Kuns

After Weiner resigned, Kuns wrote a post at a liberal blog with the headline, “Were Fake Accounts Used To Trap Anthony Weiner?” This theory helped stoke a lot of paranoia among Weiner’s kookier admirers. Careful to protect her reputation, Kuns skates around the edges with the fringe crowd, but tries to be helpful when she can.


Enablers don’t make for a good Internet either.


  1. April 11, 2013  1:22 pm by largebill Reply

    It takes a really special kind of stupid to think Anthony Weiner was framed. Heck, even Weiner isn't pushing that stupid an idea.

  2. April 11, 2013  5:02 pm by Cheryl/MVH Reply

    I'm convinced Anthony Weiner HIMSELF bankrolled the entire crew of trolls to create just enough doubt about his escapades that he could run for Mayor. This is one gigantic PR/social engineering gig. I wish somebody could prove it.

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