The Most Awesome Faces That People Can Make

With somewhere between 5 and 800 facial muscles (we’re too lazy to research), humans can make a ton of facial expressions - though if you’re a guy in a relationship, you probably see some version of “disappointed” from your female partner more than anything else. We’ve compiled some crazy collections of expressions below.


LEGO has made some absolutely awesome faces over the years. In fact, some super-cool guy created a huge collection of them, just for the interwebz to admire his ‘awesomeness’. Ever noticed that switching around one LEGO head for another can completely change the story behind the scene/building/life-size replica of the Eiffel Tower?


2. Dr. House

Despite having a ton of facial expressions - most of which involve making fun of other people - Dr. House has an unwavering personality. Also, he’s a genius, so be nice to him. Even if he thinks you’re dirt.

3. Johnny Depp

The Deppster (apparently this is a real nickname) is famous for playing weird characters that only one or two other actors could play. However, since those actors are probably not born yet/have already died, we’ve got Depp to fill in the roles. “Sea Gangster” is our favorite.

4. Lady Gaga

Crazy music, crazy faces, right? And if you don’t think so, you’re a monster….which makes you one of her fans. Either way, you lose win. Honestly though, no normal person would make these expressions on a regular basis.

5. Ron Swanson

Technically, we should say Nick Offerman, but that would damage the legacy of the great Ron Swanson. There are actually differences in all these expressions, make sure you pick up on them. If you don’t, you’re worth less than a piece of meat.

6. Darth Vader

There’s some deep stuff going on right here with the Sith Lord. Keeps you on the edge of your seat, I suppose, never knowing if he’s about to smite you or give you a friendly pat on the back.


7. Russell Brand

His whole life, and this post, is summarized right here:

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