Elizabeth Colbert-Busch SC-01 Ad a New Low in Racial Politics (AUDIO)

Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Congress in South Carolina’s First District, has released a new ad against her GOP opponent Mark Sanford and it’s a bad mother…shut your mouth. Set to the theme music of the 1971 cult classic Shaft, Colbert-Busch’s ad is one of the most race-baiting in recent campaign history. It calls photo ID laws, changes to Early voting, and a current Supreme Court case on the Voting Rights Act to charge “somebody doesn’t want African-Americans to vote.” Voting for Colbert-Busch will show this “somebody” — whom it never names — “they can’t get away with it.”

It adds what the writers must have intended to be a cleaver pun that Sanford “took a hike on South Carolina,” a none-to-veiled reference to Sanford’s 2009 disappearance in Argentina undertaken under the cover story that he was hiking the Appalachian trail.

Presumably targeted to local black radio, Colbert-Busch’s ad is a ploy to shore up the black vote for the Democrat in a district 22-percent non-white.

h/t Red State

(UPDATE: The Original Post did not include the sound file. Sound file has now been added.)

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