Glee Episode “Shooting Star” Goes Off With A Bang

Glee’s most recent episode, titled “Shooting Star,” tackles the issue of gun control. In the episode, the characters experience the horror of hearing (SPOILER ALERT) gunshots ring through the halls of their school.

While the episode started light and fluffy (see below) with Brittany’s prediction that another asteroid will hit the earth,

…it quickly escalated and had Live-Tweeters and Live-Tumblrs alike on the edge of their seats … or in some cases, face down on their mattress:

Here are a few reactions from tweeters last night during the show:

Many were horrified and shocked:



Then there were those who were just upset with the series itself:


Quite a few viewers picked up on the Degrassi undertones:


Of course the episode couldn’t end without touching upon the key talking points in this debate:

Sue: It’s registered I have a license for it. I’m sorry but in light of recent events, I feel more safe with it in my office.
Principal: Look, Sue, I’m not going to argue the merits of armed teachers right now.
Sue: It’s a different world from when you and I started teaching. Or rather, when I started teaching, and you started doing whatever it is that you do. The safety net of the public mental health system is gone. Parents with troubled kids are too busy working three jobs to look after them. And the gun yahoos, have everyone so worked up about Obama taking their guns that every house has a readily available arsenal.

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