‘Stuff On My Rabbit’ Twitter Account Goes Viral

If you ever been on Twitter, you’ve definitely come across some spoof or meme-induced Twitter accounts (seen Plotting Cat?)

There was @BronxZoosCobra, a twitter account of an escaped Egyptian cobra from the Bronx zoo. Now there’s the @TheAverageShark, that follows the average shark around. There’s also @RealGrumpyCat, who is the famous Grumpy Cat, Tardar Sauce.

But there is a new sensation on Twitter: @SOMRofficial. SOMR stands for Stuff On My Rabbit, a popular tumblr blog that features an awesome bunny named Vinnie who, well…puts things on himself. Or, rather, allows his owner to do so.

Note: A former version of this article was referencing a fake account. The official account is @SOMRofficial. We apologize for any former misattributions.

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