Apple’s Siri Keeps What You Tell It For 2 Years

Apple has had a lot of privacy concerns over the last few years, so it’s surprising to hear that Siri stores all of your recorded questions and conversations with it for the first six months.

That means everything you’ve asked it, and said to it, is actually recorded and saved and associated with your account.

Think about that the next time you ask Siri some siri-ous questions.

According to Apple, after six months the voice recordings or “data” are then anonymized for up to 18 months afterwards, which means it’s separated from anything that would tie it to your account.

There is a history of people backtracking anonymous data to the original creator, but considering that your voice is what’s recorded, it’s no stretch of the imagination to think that anonymous data would stay anonymous for long if in the wrong hands.

Apple says that it’s committed to user privacy and that it would never allow any of that data to get into the wrong hands. The question that lingers, however, is how much do we trust external forces such as governments or federal agencies that have a tendency to make broad requests for data to these kind of organizations.

Google has suffered from government interference of its data coming at it from all over the world, and, in response, created their Transparency Report in an attempt to warn people about just how much official, legal information is being asked by the very governments they employ. Will Apple one day do the same?

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