Boston Marathon Bombers Almost Lost Their Bomb-Filled Backpacks In Taxicab Trunk

After an awkward moment of small talk about the upcoming marathon, local cabbie Jim Duggan nearly drove away with “the most packed” backpack(s) he’d ever lifted, until the two young male passengers (the older one wearing a “black baseball cap,” and the younger one wearing a “white polo cap” from the Wrentham Mall) began banging on the back of his taxicab, The Boston Globe reports:

Duggan said he stopped, popped the trunk open, and got out.

“They were angry at me, so I tell them, ‘Excuse me, I’m a human being, I made a mistake and I’m sorry.’”

Duggan lifted the hood and reached for the dark backpack that the older man had carried. He was shocked by its weight.

“It was as full as it could be and it was very heavy, so heavy that I had to brace myself and try to lift it again,” Duggan said.

The older man started screaming and snatched the backpack. “I told him to relax, that I was just trying to help,” Duggan said.

Duggan said he also remarked to the younger man, “You know what, that is the most packed backpack I’ve ever picked up. I don’t know what you got in there, but hey, have a nice day.”

Duggan picked up the two men at a public transportation station on the morning of April 14th and drove them to Norfolk Street in Cambridge, which is where the Tsarnaev brothers resided. The passengers told Duggan they were from Chechnya, and when he asked if they would be attending the upcoming Boston Marathon, the white-cap-wearing younger man (presumably Dzhokhar, age 19) began to answer before his older fellow traveler (presumably Tamerlan, age 26) interrupted and scolded him in a foreign language. The passengers then ordered Duggan to “stop abruptly just several blocks from their stated destination.”

Duggan made the connection between his customers and the Tsarnaev brothers on April 19th when he happened to hear a reporter on television mention Norfolk Street’s relation to the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. Duggan subsequently contacted the FBI and was afterward interviewed by Homeland Security agents.

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