Israel Strikes Targets in Gaza After Rocket Attack

Israeli Air Force jets launched strikes at two sites in Gaza overnight in response to Saturday rocket attacks that hit southern Israel.

The strikes “targeted two terror sites in the Gaza Strip,” the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) said in an official statement, saying that “direct hits … were confirmed” on the targets identified as “a terrorist weapon storage facility and a Hamas training compound in southern Gaza.”

The IDF statement said the Israeli military would “not tolerate any attempt to harm Israeli civilians, and will not allow for a return to the reality before Pillar of Defense where Israeli civilians are threatened. Hamas terror organization is solely responsible for any terror activity emanating from the Gaza Strip.” Operation Pillar of Defense was the eight-day Israeli incursion into Gaza in November 2012, which targeted Hamas in response to sustained rocket attacks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his Cabinet that rocket attacks from Gaza will not be tolerated. “I want to make clear that we will not tolerate a ‘drizzle’ policy; a ‘drizzle’ of rockets or missiles will be met by a very aggressive reaction, and we will take all necessary action to defend our citizens,” Netanyahu told the Cabinet, according to the Jerusalem Post.

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