Roseanne Barr Promotes L.A. Concert by Anti-Israel Musician Gilad Atzmon, Dismisses Criticisms of Accused Holocaust Revisionist

Roseanne Barr, the former sitcom star and stand-up comic who ran as a third-party candidate for president in 2012, has stirred up a bizarre controversy, promoting a May 17 Los Angeles concert by jazz saxophone player Gilad Atzmon. An Israeli-born musician of Palestinian Arab ancestry, Atzmon is a vociferous opponent of Israel who has expressed revisionist views on the Holocaust. When Atzmon’s critics protested to Barr on Twitter, both Atzmon and the famously outspoken Barr lashed back, and the pro-Israel account @CiFWatch said that Barr “supports a Holocaust denier and then hurls foul mouthed abuse at those that call her out.”

Twitchy aggregated the Twitter combat between Barr, Atzmon and pro-Israel activists:

Read more of the rancorous debate at Twitchy.


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  1. May 10, 2013  12:43 pm by Josh Reply

    Gilad Atzmon is an Ex Israeli Ex Jews.
    One of the biggest Jew Haters of our century and the worst Holocaust denier.
    In Europe he is already well known and gets what he deserves.
    His venues are canceled as Non one wants to hear an Jew Hater Music.

    The issue that this scum is suddenly an Israeli Musician fits his agenda.
    When it fits him he is an Israeli...... while he hates himself and mentioned that he despises his been a Jew and an Israeli.
    But to get a stage he will sell his mother too.

    kick him out and send him to David Duke which is his biggest fan.
    He should perform for the Nazis

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