7 Killed In Coalition Plane Crash In Afghanistan (VIDEO)

Yesterday, a Boeing 747-400 cargo plane flying on behalf of US Mobility Command fell to the ground and erupted into flames after somehow stalling in mid-air only moments after takeoff. The crash occurred at the Bagram Air Base‘s runway 03 at 2:30 pm local time. The image below shows the aircraft’s approximate final position. Note how close it is to the runway.


On board were 7 crew (4 pilots, 2 mechanics, and 1 load master) as well as 5 military vehicles.

The flight was going from Bagram, Afghanistan to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It did not appear to be the work of terrorists or saboteurs, according to Base officials.

Our thoughts are with the family members of all the crew members killed. The victims are believed to be:

Jamie Brokaw, pilot, Monroe, MI
Brad Hasler, pilot, Trenton, MI
Jeremy Lipka, pilot, Brooklyn, MI
Rinku Summan, pilot, Canton, MI
Michael Sheets, loadmaster, Ypsilanti, MI
Gary Stockdale, mechanic, Romulus, MI
Timothy Garrett, mechanic, Louisville, KY