‘The Lady’s Not for Turning’: Video Captures Historic Life of Former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Accolades to Baroness Margaret Thatcher continued Monday after the former British prime minister’s death at age 87. The White House issued a statement from President Obama:

“As prime minister, she helped restore the confidence and pride that has always been the hallmark of Britain at its best. And as an unapologetic supporter of our transatlantic alliance, she knew that with strength and resolve we could win the Cold War and extend freedom’s promise.”

Meanwhile, in a reminder of the often violent and vitriolic opposition she faced during her 11 years as leader of the United Kingdom, British leftists rained down hateful and obscene remarks about the woman whose policies revived the Conservative Party, resurrected the nation’s economy and restored England’s international prestige.

A video by the London Telegraph highlighted one of the pivotal moments of Thatcher’s career. After her free-market economic reforms were met with violent riots by Britain’s powerful labor unions in 1981, some moderate Tories urged a “U-turn” to reverse Thatcher’s polices, a challenge to which the prime minister responded: “You turn if you want to. The lady’s not for turning!”