VIDEO: Fresh Prince Disappoints Subjects at Soccer Game

It’s good to be Will Smith.  He’s smart, handsome and by all accounts quite a humanitarian. He’s got a beautiful wife and three talented kids all of whom have careers in the entertainment industry, and he’s no slouch himself. Oscar nominated actor? Check. Successful rap artist? Check. Royalty of Bel-Air? Check. For decades now we’ve all been wondering what this guy can’t do. Now we know.

Soccer — Will Smith sucks at soccer.

Will and his son, Jaden Smith, were in London this week to promote their upcoming film, After Earth, and the pair stopped by Wembley Stadium to make an appearance before the UEFA Champions League Final between Bayern Munich and Dortmund. We all know how the English appreciate monarchs, so they invited the Fresh Prince to try a penalty kick for the fans. Here’s how that went:


I’m told that soccer is pretty popular in England, so I’m sure that a lot of people there saw him make a fool out of himself with that wiff. But don’t feel too sorry for him. Earlier in the week, Smith and some of his buddies from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Airappeared on The Graham Norton Show, and put on quite a show.

If you overlook Heather Graham’s weird hair shaking and the offensive fact that she clearly did not know any of the words to the best television theme song in history, there is definitely enough awesomeness in that performance to counterbalance his embarrassing soccer moment. Rest easy your fresh highness, your throne is safe.



  1. June 1, 2013  2:59 pm by Jeremiah Martin Reply

    He desperately wanted a second try. Ha!

  2. June 1, 2013  11:19 pm by chris Reply

    Now I want to see Diana Ross' kick.

  3. June 8, 2013  1:24 pm by Katherine Cresto Reply

    Will's response to his failed kick on Jimmy Kimmel: He's horrible at soccer, but I still love him!

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