Oh, No He Didn’t! Hannity to Coulter: ‘You’re Like a Liberal’

Sean Hannity was interviewing syndicated columnist Ann Coulter about the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill Wednesday on Fox News when the conversation took an interesting turn. Coulter was discussing her latest column - “If the GOP Is This Stupid, It Deserves to Die” - which slams the bipartisan bill as suicidal for Republicans, and Hannity asked her what she would do about the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants who are already in the United States.

“This is a total fraud and a fig leaf, that the American people can’t sleep at night,” Coulter responded, “because the situation is exactly the same today as it was -”

“You’re not answering my question,” Hannity interrupted. “You’re like a liberal.”

Ooh! That got a reaction.

“No, you are like a liberal, making a silly argument,” Coulter retorted. “It’s a straw man argument. Nobody cares. This idea that it’s an emergency, it’s a crisis — it’s preposterous. The same thing will happen as is happening now.”

Watch the video:

Via Raw Story and Real Clear Politics.