The 12 Best #MayTheFourthBeWithYou Tweets Today

It’s been a hectic Star Wars/Naked Gardening Day for all of us, but it’s been especially stressful for Twitter users who knew they would have to deliver funny, short, droid-compatible messages today. The Empire launched an attack ad against the day, while also showing us how stormtroopers do yoga.

The Force is strong with the following tweets. But remember, a max of 140 midi-chlorians is permissible per tweet.

1. You know something is big when the White House feels the need to tweet about it.

2. Because we all know Yoda was Christian right?

3. Filthy Trekkie.

4. Can you say stupid promotional contest?

5. This guy definitely still lives in his mom’s basement.

6. Anyone else suddenly feel like the kid in that Volkswagen commercial?

7. These UW students are rather badgering about drinking beer today.

8. Why does this sound vaguely kinky?

9. Leave it to PETA to turn a cool day into an educational movement. Way to ruin the fun, PETA. The party animals don’t thank you.

10. Most anticlimactic tweet ever.

11. Beer companies jumping on a non-beer related trend? This is typical.

12. “That’s the profile picture that’s going to get you a girlfriend, you should use it!” said no one. Ever.

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