VIDEO: Texas Student Calls Out Teacher for Being Lazy

Jeff Bliss was fed up with his world history teacher passing out “packets” instead of engaging students, and he let her know. Bliss, a sophomore at Duncanville (TX) High School, was caught on video expressing his outrage after the teacher reportedly kicked him out of the class for speaking up. The video is blowing up.

Since the video went viral, Bliss has met with the school’s principal and was not disciplined, however, the teacher, Julie Phung, was placed on paid leave.

Watch below as Bliss is interviewed by WFAA Dallas. He explains that he learned his lesson about the importance of a good education after he dropped out of school himself.

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  1. June 16, 2013  11:08 pm by Skylar Reply

    This education system needs more voices like Jeff's. Somtimes you have to rant and rave to be heard. I'm glad this video went viral. Maybe it's the beginning.

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