VIDEO: Woman Crashes U.S. Open Qualifier With Car

A Florida woman drove her car onto a golf course during a U.S. Open qualifier. That’s something you don’t see every day.

But it happened Thursday in Hollywood at The Club at Emerald Hills. The South Florida course was hosting a U.S. Open qualifier when a woman — apparently lost — started driving her car on the par 4, No. 11 hole.

The woman drives along the side of the fairway before going into a waste bunker and turning around. The No. 11 hole is pretty far from any road, so there’s no telling how long she was driving on the course. The club gives this tip for the No. 11: “A short hole with O.B. left and right. Usually facing a left to right wind, which is not good for slicers. Still, this hole is a good birdie opportunity.”

There’s no mention of whether it’s also a shortcut to Mabel’s house.

Watch the video below, but be warned there’s some NSFW language as the golfers react to seeing the woman.

h/t Chicago Tribune

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