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The Talk of the Masters: Guan Tianlang

Golf is a tough sport. On one of golf’s biggest stages, Guan Tianlang, a 14 year old qualifier from China, made it seem like it was just another day at the course. Looking all the part of an 8th grader, Guan went out and shot a 1-over par 73 on his first day. The last green jacket that Tiger Woods won in 2005, he shot an opening round of 74. […]

A Dummy's Guide to Enjoying the Masters

If you’re anything like me, you don’t understand the appeal of golf. The game is slow, the crowd is quiet, the ball is practically impossible to follow on the TV screen, and each round is a whopping four hours long. But, after being forced to endure countless Sunday afternoons with my father and the Golf Channel, I’ve managed to pick up enough to make the Masters somewhat enjoyable. And if […]