Michelle Obama: Combating Obesity One Dance at a Time

It is customary for the First Lady to use her stature to promote and champion a cause close to her heart. This dates back to Dolly Madison, who used her power to build orphanages for poor children. Following Mrs. Madison’s example, Rosalynn Carter used her influence to bring attention to mental illness, Nancy Reagan campaigned against drugs, Hillary Clinton championed health care reform, and Laura Bush focused her attention on illiteracy.

For the last four years, First Lady Michelle Obama has actively campaigned against childhood obesity. To promote healthy eating, Mrs. Obama frequently gives informative speeches and even planted a vegetable garden on the White House grounds. In an effort to demonstrate the importance of physical activity, the First Lady dances everywhere. In fact, she dances so often it seems like dancing has become the cause.

Like Alex Owens, who danced for her life in Flashdance, Mrs. Obama is dancing for ours. Well, the quality of our lives, that is. Love her or hate her, the woman can move!

First Lady Learns the Interlude Dance

Learns? Evidence suggests the First Lady was exposed to the choreography prior to the live performance. No one learns a dance that fast.


Michelle Obama Dancing with Serena Williams, Other Athletes, and Kids

No, that’s not Michael Jackson, boys and girls, that’s our own Michelle Obama! Dances include swinging the invisible tennis racket and transparent baseball bat, and dribbling the imaginary basketball. Here’s to transparent sporting equipment and public policy!


Michelle Obama Dances on iCarly

And the award for Best Random Dancing Guest Star goes to… Results inconclusive due to hanging chads!


Michelle Obama Does the Platypus Walk Dance

Hey, where’s Barry? Er, Perry. Where’s Perry?


Barack and Michelle Obama Dancing with Indian Children

Ladies First! That awkward moment when….you’re forced to dance with children on international TV while your husband laughs at you. Happens to us all.


Michelle Obama Dances ‘The Dougie’ At Alice Deal Middle School

First rule of dancing ‘The Dougie’: If you are dancing next to the First Lady, learn the dance! Second rule of dancing ‘The Dougie’: When dancing next to the First Lady, loosen up! It’s the Dougie, not the Robot.


Michelle & Barack Obama Dancing with Ellen DeGeneres

After examining the side by side video of the President and the First Lady dancing, one immediately questions the skill of their daughters. Time to break out the Punnett Square.


Michelle Obama Performing “The Cat Daddy”

This dance starts off looking like a train dance. Right gear shift, left gear shift, chuga-chuga choo-choo! Difficulty sets in when the jumping, clapping, and squatting begins. Mrs. Obama pulls this off in heels so she gets props. You could say she’s the Cat’s Meow!


Evolution Of Mom Dancing (w/ Jimmy Fallon & Michelle Obama)

Dances that did not survive editing include:

1. Get Back Here (1,2,3)

2. Don’t Make Me Pull This Car Over

3. Diaper Changer

4. Snap: Picture Taker

5. The Disinfector

Choreography by the Potty Trainer. 


For Fun: Gangnam Style with President Obama and Michelle

Obama Gangnam Style… Eat your heart out, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire!


What’s next for the First Lady? Dancing With The Stars? Or teaching the next Dancey Dance on Yo Gabba Gabba?

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