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Georgia High School Joins 21st Century, Holds First Integrated Prom (PHOTOS)

For the last forty years the Wilcox County School Board in Rochelle, Georgia, has abstained from officially endorsing the Wilcox County High School prom. Therefore, the parents stepped in and hosted the event for their children. This generally resulted in two separate, segregated proms. Over the weekend, ABC reported that the students attending Wilcox County High School finally had their first integrated prom. This great milestone is definitely worth celebrating… FORTY YEARS AGO!

Love Lockdown in Boston: One-Night-Standers Have No Escape

Picture it: After a wild night out with friends, you stagger home with a cute little number you just met and spend the wee hours of the morning ‘busy’. Exhausted from putting on the show of your life, you roll over to catch your breath and a little sleep before embarking on the inevitable walk of shame. As you drift off, you plan your escape route in case she is a clinger. However, in spite of your clever premeditation, when the moment of deliverance is upon you, your ingenious escape is foiled by none other than the United States government. They’ve locked down the city and you could be shot for venturing out. That’s right, Uncle Sam has kindly extended your night of romance. How thoughtful.

British People Impersonating the American Accent

Admit it, most Americans love the British accent. Not only is it sexy, but it’s a blast to impersonate! We contort the sound of our voices and use phrases like, pip-pip (pep-pep), cheerio (char-ee-o), hello Governor (‘ello Gov-nuh), and bloody hell (blah-dee ‘ell), in a dismal attempt to sound British. Now, before the political correctness police run over and start issuing citations, the British impersonate our accent too… so it’s […]

Jeff Gordon Goes Undercover for a Test Drive and Terrifies a Used Car Salesman

Deserved or not, used car salesmen have a reputation for being duplicitous and always getting one over on the customer. Call it trickery, call it cunning, call it what you want, but the fact of the matter is that when dealing with a used car salesman, no one can shake the feeling that they’ll be calling a tow truck or mechanic very soon. In this Pepsi Max ad, Jeff Gordon […]

Hallway Swimming: Look Ma No Water!

Due to limited swimming facility access, most schools in America do not have swim teams. Not to worry. Our schools may not be teeming with swimming pools, but they are rife with ingenuity, and in a game of Swimming Pool, Ingenuity, High Test Scores, ingenuity beats swimming pool every time. Sorry, but them’s the rules. Anyway, who needs a pool when one can oscillate between lockers (or walls) in a […]

Talk Nerdy to Me

Most people shy away from math and science because they think  the subjects are too boring or difficult. Most people are wrong, but don’t worry there’s a fix. To cure this all to common negative disposition, one must take a deep breath, embrace their inner nerd, and have a few laughs. Ready to get nerdy?  How often do I like jokes about Chemistry? Periodically.   A Neutron walks into a […]