Georgia High School Joins 21st Century, Holds First Integrated Prom (PHOTOS)

For the last forty years the Wilcox County School Board in Rochelle, Georgia, has abstained from officially endorsing the Wilcox County High School prom. Therefore, the parents stepped in and hosted the event for their children. This generally resulted in two separate, segregated proms.

Over the weekend, ABC reported that the students attending Wilcox County High School finally had their first integrated prom. This great milestone is definitely worth celebrating… FORTY YEARS AGO!

To get their integrated prom, four senior girls (Stephanie Sinnot, Mareshia Rucker, Quanesha Wallace, and Keela Bloodworth) took to Facebook and asked for donations via their page “Integrated Prom 2013“. It’s unclear why they just didn’t tell their parents to collaborate and throw one prom instead. Regardless of where the funds came from, the prom went off without a hitch and the students had a great time.

Now that Wilcox County High School has had an integrated prom, should we tell the female students they can go to college and work outside the home when they grow up? One step at a time, folks!

We’ve got photos below!

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