Sister of Cable TV Comedian Wins Dem Primary in S.C.

CNN reports that Elizabeth Colbert Busch has won a Democratic primary in South Carolina’s 1st District. She is the sister of a comedian who hosts a show on a cable TV network and, because her brother is allegedly “famous,” some Democrats are in the grip of a delusion that Colbert Busch might actually win the May 7 special election to fill the House seat vacated by Republican Tim Scott’s appointment to the Senate.

The problem with that theory? This coastal Lowcountry district routinely votes GOP by nearly 2-to-1 margins. In 2010, Scott was elected with 65% of the vote, to become the first black Republican elected to Congress in South Carolina since Reconstruction. The South Carolina GOP issued a statement Tuesday night from state party chairman Chad Connelly:

“I want to thank and congratulate all sixteen Republicans who sought to serve their state and nation by running to represent the 1st Congressional District. I look forward to working with all of them to secure a Republican victory on May 7. ”
Our top two candidates, in a 16 person primary, received 10,000 more votes than the Democrats. The numbers don’t lie- Lowcountry voters have rejected Colbert-Busch’s left wing agenda,” said Chairman Connelly.
“The AFL-CIO endorsed Colbert-Busch has proved on issue after issue that her liberal views don’t match that of South Carolina. Elizabeth Colbert-Busch could maybe get elected on the west coast, but not on the coast of South Carolina. “

In Tuesday’s GOP primary, former Gov. Mark Sanford — who in 2009 was caught in an adulterous affair with an Argentine woman — got 37 percent of the vote and will likely face Tea Party favorite Curtis Bostic in the April 2 runoff to determine the Republican nominee. Between them, Sanford and Bostic got about 26,000 votes, compared to the approximately 16,000 votes for Colbert Busch on the Democrat side.


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  4. May 5, 2013  6:19 pm by AJAY JAIN Reply

    Watch the ONLY debate between Elizabeth Colbert Busch and Mark Sanford and decide who to vote for!

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