BREAKING: Jose Canseco Tweets: ‘I Have Been Charged With Rape’

Twitchy is reporting that controversial ex-MLB slugger Jose Canseco has been charged with rape. Apparently Canseco tweeted that the police in Las Vegas went to his home and charged him. Canseco’s tweet has since been removed, but because the internet (and Twitchy) is forever, we bring you a screen cap of the original tweet:

Curiously, however, in spite of removing the initial post, Canseco continued to call out his accuser on Twitter. He began by posting an alleged photograph of Ms. Susie Bell in a bikini:


He then followed up with posts that included her phone number (redacted by ViralRead) and a challenge to submit to a polygraph test:

We assume his next tweet will be to his lawyer. ViralRead will keep you posted…


Canseco has removed the tweet containing Ms. Bell’s phone number. The phone attached to the number published by Canseco has been disconnected. However, he has now posted a tweet naming the gym where she works out:

And the fans go wild:


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  1. May 22, 2013  7:10 pm by Jambes HARVEY Marks VIII Reply

    I want Susie Bell to have my baby and then work as a forklift driver!

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