VIDEO: Kimmel Strikes Again - Lie Witness News, Lakers Edition

Jimmy Kimmel knows how to make YouTube ready segments on his show. Perhaps his best, cringe-inducingly funny recurring “skit” of late has been “Lie Witness News“. We here at ViralRead have lauded Kimmel’s discrediting of Coachella posers and revelation of NFL draft ignorance, and we once again stand and salute his brilliance with this latest installment.

RECAP: The intent of “Lie Witness News” is to gauge how well informed the general public (…ok, people walking around Los Angeles may not represent the average American) is on current events. But what it really does is make us secretly recognize how often we fake knowing about stuff to avoid looking stupid. NEWSFLASH: if you act like you know about something and you don’t really, and you lie about it…you end up looking stupid. Stupider. More stupid.

Kimmel strikes again below, this time hitting “fans” of the Los Angeles Lakers, who of course lost not only Kobe Bryant to an injury last month, but also lost to the Spurs in the NBA Playoffs. I stress this fact: THE LAKERS LOST and WILL NOT play another game until next season. Keep that in mind:

Apparently everyone and their families being drunk has something to do with them lying about knowing stuff. Also, this guy was proud to have apparel supporting Los Angeles, but may not have made the connection of which team that was - after all, the LA Dodgers are not doing so hot right now either. And basketball and baseball are easy to confuse:

So once again, as a public service announcement, ESPECIALLY if you are walking outside Jimmy Kimmel’s studio on Hollywood Boulevard, please, be honest. And for those of you who refuse to give up on your team, just remember, “any team can be eliminated and come back as long as they get their act together.”*

*Note: this is actually completely false.

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