The Curious Case of Derrick Rose

The Chicago Bulls defeated the Miami Heat on Monday to kick off their best of 7 series in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. Quite an accomplishment for a Bulls team that has been without their star PG Derrick Rose since last March after he sustained a torn ACL. The 2010-2011 NBA MVP has not played in an NBA game for more than a year now but has been a constant tease pre-game. Rose has been warming up before most Bulls game now for more than a month and certainly passes the eyeball test. Showing his usual quickness and agility, Rose has been throwing down dunks, draining 3′s, and displaying the athleticism that made him one of the league’s stars. So what’s been stopping him from joining his team that so desperately needs him?

The problem most have with Derrick Rose and the Bulls is that neither has declared Rose physically unable to preform until next season. Instead there has only been bizarre excuses (such as a lack of muscle memory) as to why he isn’t currently on the court with his team. Rose’s teammates and coaches fully support him, as we’ve heard only positive things about Rose’s rehab and that the injury requires patience. But the average fan still thinks about the ‘what if.’ If Rose were to join the Bulls during the remainder of the series with the Heat, they immediately improve their chances of winning it. Rumors are beginning to circulate that he may come back for Game 3.

Critics see a player who collects a huge paycheck from the Bulls, while looking good in warmups, in a world where Adrian Peterson returned in half of the time to become the NFL’s MVP.

Is he worried about further injury? Is it just because he has nothing to prove? Only Derrick Rose knows. The only thing we do know for sure is the Miami Heat wouldn’t mind if he sat out just one more series.


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