The Great Gatsby (2013) Soundtrack Review

In just two days, The Great Gatsby will be in theaters everywhere. With the release of the soundtrack, I decided to give it a listen. Sum up: 21 tracks of epicness. You can listen to the playlist I’ve setup on Spotify here.

The artists on this soundtrack are nothing short of some of the finest in what they do. We covered that news of the much-anticipated soundtrack album here at ViralRead. They are some of the most creative  most unique sounding folks in the business. I confess, I’m a die-hard fan of most of these voices. Expectations ran high. Take a quick read at this review before you spend the next hour plus soaking in the soundtrack.

Disclaimer: I haven’t read the book or seen previous versions of this classic film.


100$ Bill

You find yourself captured by the beat, stuck to the rhythmic movement Jay-Z wants you moving too. This tune could’ve found itself on the “Watch the Throne” album with lyrics exclaiming his greatness and themes of black empowerment (the good, non-violent kind). And really, isn’t that why we love J?


Back To Black

Andre 3000 lays his voice on soft, coupled with Beyonce’s equally soft. This sweet classic is well done and perserved by these talented artists who could’ve complicated the song, but chose not too. Adding this to my daily work playlist. Encore.


Young And Beautiful

Lana Del Rey is royalty among that early 20th century sound, 1920s-1940s stuff. The song fits into everything else this seductress has out. The better question is, how could The Great Gatsby soundtrack not have Lana Del Rey? Her motif is uniquely fits into the setting of this classic film.


Love Is Blindness

Jack White’s always a hit or miss for me. Until the 1:20 mark, I thought it’d be a miss, then he took it an octave higher. Well done, Jack White, well done. Rock it out.


Crazy In Love — Kid Koala Version

I always love ‘Crazy in Love.’ Did you catch indie alternative band Snow Patrol doing their own version of Beyonce’s song? It’s awesome too. I’m stuck thinking of the Boardwalk Empire and the 1920s with the trumpet tooting and . Wonder what Jay-Z and Beyonce thought of the rendition — them both being on the album.

Snow Partol singing Crazy in Love:

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s original version:


Bang Bang performs another turn of the century sound; until shortly after the 30 second mark that is — then some rap enters. The song evolves again at the 55 second mark, then the 1:20 minute mark, then shortly before the 2 minute mark. Well, you get the point. The song is a maze, offering a lot of variety.’s fingerprints are all over this song, which usually fits into one of two categories, annoyingly addictive or just plain annoying. This is more of the latter. I would’ve pushed skip long before the song finished if I wasn’t writing this review.

Coming back to it after I’ve listened to all the tracks — this was the worst. Press, skip and save yourself 4:39 minutes of your life.


“I Like Large Parties”

“I Like Large Parties” — sound clip from the movie.


A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)

I’ve always liked Fergie more than my friends. She’s got talent, show, attractive, and she’s real. All pluses in my book. The song? I was nodding my head as I caught myself wishing I could swing dance… while glow stick raving. I like this fusion of sounds. She’s right ya know — a little party never killed nobody. Winky face.


Love Is The Drug

Never heard of Bryan Ferry. The song was made for the movie. While I’m entertained by all this turn of the century sound, it gets annoying fast. Still this song, like Fergie’s, is leagues above that trash put out. I cannot stop thinking about how much suffering I went through listening to revel in what he probably thinks is a genius track.


“Can’t Repeat The Past?”

“Can’t Repeat The Past?” — sound clip from the movie. A good one too. One wonders…


Hearts A Mess

When I saw the trailer advertising the musical talent for this production, Gotye, stuck out to me. I respect his (Wally de Backer) sound. None of his songs are terrible. Time tends to slow during his indie tracks. I enjoyed the slowness.


Where The Wind Blows

Coco O.’s name didn’t ring a bell. This song was great. Reminded me of a 1990s pop ballad. Her voice is attractively creative, very indie, very talented. Reminds me of Adele, with a dash of of Amy Winehouse, and some Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes, though Coco isn’t a powerhouse. But where she lacks the pipes, the creative soul of this song is on the level of those other ladies. I almost stopped this review to check out more of her music.


Green Light — or whatever that was/is…

Green Light — sound clip from the movie? 8 seconds of weirdness.


No Church In The Wild

The whole “Watch the Throne” album by Jay-Z and Kayne West is epic. One of the best albums, period. So this being on there was a cherry on top to this already heavy-weight soundtrack.


Over The Love

Florence + The Machine have never produced a bad song. Never. Ever. If you’re a fan, or on planet earth, you’re basically waiting for her to start belting, which starts at the 56 second mark (and yes, a choir enters toward the end; you’re welcome). Basically, this was a very Florence song, as expected. This track was great! Confession: I never listen for the lyrics in her songs the first few plays. I just enjoy and savor in the talent and the powerhouse of this ginger. Don’t ever change Florence.



I’m a newer fan of The xx. 6 months ago I was turned on to their “Intro” song on the xx album. I love the soft, depressing feel of this song. Hopeless romantics will find this as their favorite track of the album. This is a song you’ll have to listen to, it’s too hard to describe this. It’s very well done.


Into The Past

I discovered Nero shortly before The xx. Their “Promises” is still on my favorites playlist. My expectations were high going into this song… and they were met. Though I haven’t watched the movie yet, between the previous track and this one, you can tell this is the point where heartbreak must set into the movie. “I’ll follow you” is repeated so often in this song, that coupled with the title “Into The Past” — there might be a giveaway of some of the plot. Thinking back to the sound clip earlier in the album,”Can’t Repeat The Past?”. Who doesn’t love a little epic sadness? Tragedy anyone? I’ll take two!


Kill And Run

Sia is another artist who captivated me. (Damn noticing this album has most of my past year’s “wow” discoveries — Lana Del Rey, The xx, Nero, Sia, Florence — whom I loved ). Expectations were high… and met again! Thank God for this album. Sia reminds me a lot of Lana Del Rey in this song. I got so lost in the seductive nature of her voice and piano, that I’ll have to go back and listen for the lyrics later.


Over The Love (Of You) — Florence + The Machine Times Two


Florence makes a second appearance (an honor she only shares with Jay-Z and Lana Del Rey on this album). Well it’s a remix. And I love remixes with Florence.


Young And Beautiful — Lana Del Rey Plus Louder Violins

Like the previous track, this song is a remix of the original song found earlier on this album. Though there are no turntables on this track, the violins and orchestra take a more significant play in this rendition.


“Gatsby Believed In The Green Light”

“Gatsby Believed In The Green Light” — clip from the movie, sorta. A nearly 4 minute one too. Though, most of it is beautiful sad orchestra play. Great stories have sad endings, because that is truth. Spoiler: Guessing Gatsby dies.


Is It Worth A Listen?

Hell to the yes. I’m already listening to it again.This album was made for me and my taste — my favorite rapper, one rock song, some alternative guys who skate near techno, a couple of ballads, and a fierce violin. There are few soundtracks that possess this level quality.


My favorites:

5) Together (listen via Spotify)

4) Young And Beautiful (listen via Spotify)

3) Into The Past (listen via Spotify)

2) 100$ Bill (listen via Spotify)

1) Over The Love (listen via Spotify)


Honorable mentions: Sia, Jack White, Coco O., Beyonce, and Andre 3000.


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    Dude, you've never heard of Bryan Ferry? What about Roxy Music, the band he fronts? You need to check out both.

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