Touching Story: Dog Rescuer Shares His Story on Imgur

A touching story is sweeping across imgur today: an average cross-country traveler was going through the Navajo reservation in New Mexico and Arizona when he became devastated at the sight of hundreds of abandoned dogs and horses - essentially left to fend for themselves - who were suffering immensely from hunger, thirst, disease, and ticks.

He took in one of the dogs, got him cleaned up, and..well, scroll through the story below to see how it turns out. It is truly heart-warming (original story here).

I was moving cross country back to Idaho from Oklahoma, decided to take the more scenic but longer drive through New Mexico and Arizona; along the way we crossed through the Navajo reservation, we saw countless dogs all emaciated along the way. This particular guy caught my attention and I just couldn’t bear the sight of him limping around next to the highway.

We stopped to get Gas at the Kayenta Township at a Shell gas station in North East Arizona, this guy and several other starving dogs where wandering around the area. I was shocked so many abused dogs where wandering in such a popular area, I gave this guy some food and water. He was seriously malnourished, had a bad Mange infection, and was covered with hundreds of ticks and fleas.

This little guy which I’m assuming is a mix of maybe a farm dog and coyote drank more than entire bottle of water, he also gobbled down all the doggie treats I gave him. Fortunately I had a dog of my own with me, so I had lots of extra treats for this guy.

Along with being next to a really busy gas station, there was a Jewelry store near bye that people would walk in an out and with out even batting an eye to the this poor limping dog. I couldn’t find a local number for animal control or a sherrifts department, so I did the next best thing and called DPS and got in touch with Arizona Highway Patrol, they said they would send someone out. Within about 5 minutes an officer showed up.

Here is the home I believe the dog and other dogs belonged to, he had a collar with no identity, I didn’t even attempt to verify the dogs owner. The Highway Patrol man was extremely nice and kind, but from what he explained to me there was virtually nothing he could do. There was a shelter he could take him to down the road, but they had no room so they would have to euthanize him. The officer himself had adopted several dogs from the reservation but couldn’t take any more. I asked the officer if they ever try to investigate and prosecute people for animal cruelty since it should at-least be a misdemeanor, but he said they just don’t have the resources or time.

Here is a picture of another emaciated dog just laying out in front of one of the gas pumps, he had Mange and was covered with ticks like the other dog.

The officer said all he could do was leave the dog, because he would rather it have a chance in the world than take it to the shelter to be euthanized. There where hundreds of dogs like this all over the reserve, people would just kick them out of their way and leave them out in the elements he exclaimed. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and see what I could do for the fella. I had my girlfriend take our dog in the other car, and I made a bed fro this guys in my passenger seat. He barely had any strength to move and was happy to lay down on the soft blanket.

I had extra tick/heartworm medication so I decided to give him some, I was really worried about them crawling off him and into my car.

I drove to the local shelter just to see if they could possibly save him. I found out the shelter had no room like the officer said, so I tried to see if maybe they knew of another shelter in the area that could take him. The lady that helped me was really nice, but there was hardly anything they could do, and the nearest shelter was in Flagstaff which was about 7 hours out of the way.

Completely disgusted by what I saw driving through the reserve I decided to take matters into my own hand and get this little guy out of there. We planned on seeing the Monument Valley but I was so angry that there where so many people neglecting dogs and horses along the way I wanted to get out of the area as soon as I could. Me and my girlfriend drove 3 hours up to Page Arizona, there I bought a dog carrier, some soft dog food, training pads (since the dog had diarrhea and could hardly control his bladder), and tick shampoo and other supplies. It was about 6 hour drive from Page to Bryce Utah where I had a hotel reserved for the night, it was a long and smelly drive but we ended up making it to our hotel.

I had romantic plans to watch Game of Thrones with my girlfriend, drink some wine, then relax in the jacuzzi, but instead I was washing a Tick infested smelly dog late into the night.

After a long day the guy was exhausted, I was able to wash away most of the ticks and get him to a point where he was semi clean. We decided to name in Jamie after Jamie Lannister since he was such a trooper.

Dead skin, feces, lots of dead ticks, there where still a bunch left on him that latter had to be removed.

The next day we drove the 5 hours up to Salt Lake City, where we dropped Jamie off at the local humane society. Along the way I had to stop several times to wash Jamie off, and clean the carrier out; he had the worst smelling diarrhea you could imagine and I couldn’t drive with it fumigating the car. The people that took Jamie in where really nice and helpful, they even took the dog carrier I had and gave me a clean one in return. So long as Jamie doesn’t have the communicable form of Mange there is a good chance he will get into a foster home and maybe an adoption. Jamie in my mind at-least deserved a chance after all the cruelty other humans had put him through; I hope everything I did from him will at-least give him the opportunity at a happy life.

All of us here at ViralRead are rooting for you, Jamie. Stay strong, little guy.


  1. May 30, 2013  6:43 am by Linda Lee Grau Reply

    With all due respect to the people on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Kayenta, Northeast Arizona who may be suffering the ravages of socialism as well, something must be done for the other dogs and the horses on the reservation. I guess the responsibility begins with the Kayenta Animal Care Center. My suggestion is for the Kayenta Animal Care Center to begin a handbill and poster campaign to have dogs and horses neutered as soon after birth as possible. Then, reach out and find sponsors for abandoned/neglected dogs and horses. The Kayenta Animal Care Center could become a model for taking a grievous situation and make it a happy, peaceful situation in keeping with Navajo philosophy. LLG

  2. October 6, 2013  12:29 am by Heatner Reply

    Thats what I would do if I saw a dog like that... such a touching story.What happened to the dog in the end?

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