These Shoes Were Made for…Smuggling Cocaine?


When packing for a trip, you make a checklist of the essential must take items. Clothes, check!  Socks, check! Money, check! Shoes filled with cocaine…what?!

During a baggage examination at the Philadelphia International Airport, Customs and Border Patrol officers noticed that three pairs of the four wedge shoes belonging to a Camden woman who had just arrived from a trip in Montego Bay, Jamaica were unusually heavy. X-ray scanners discovered a white substance that ended up being 4.5 pounds of cocaine with a street value of about $140k.

Iveliza Tuhanna Perez, 25, was arrested on the spot and charged with possession with intent to distribute and intentional possession.

She won’t be going on any vacations anytime soon.

In 2012 alone, CBP officers at the Port of Philadelphia recorded five major cocaine seizures with a combined weight of nearly 576 pounds. That adds up to roughly around $5,760,000, depending on the dealer and the quality of the substance.

You can buy a lot of shoes with that kind of money. Just saying.

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