Questions I’d Like To Ask the IRS

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Yesterday, the public learned that the reason the IRS missed its May 21 deadline to turn documents over to House Ways and Means is because there are just too many of them. They need more time - an act of seeming hypocrisy, considering they demand an April 15 deadline from 300 million US taxpayers. The IRS said they’ve identified almost 90 agency employees who may have documents relative to the congressional investigation into the targeting of conservative groups. This new information is a far cry from the two lowly, Cincinnatti-based IRS officials who were once made to bear the blame.

Everyday it seems the public learns more and more stories about additional individuals and groups who were targeted by the IRS. The hoops these people were meant to jump through and the questions they were asked seem un-American. I’d like to turn the tables and ask the IRS some questions.

1) Do you keep a copy of Rules for Radicals on your nightstand?

2) Are you a member of the communist or socialist parties?

3) How many other frivolous projects have you blown American taxpayer money on aside from Star Wars, Gilligans Island and the line dancing video?

4) What year were you born? In other words, are you a radical 60′s hippy?

5) Does your spouse work for another government agency or lobbying group that might benefit or help cover-up your duties in the IRS?

6) How much did you personally contribute to your union, the NTEU, and to the Obama* campaign?

7) Do you think you’re above the law?

8) How much money does a cushy IRS position pay annually?

9) Do you owe any back taxes to your own agency?

10) Do you think the American people are stupid?

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  1. June 1, 2013  3:46 pm by Jack Reply

    Wouldn't we all like to know the honest answers to these questions!?!

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