Photoshop Win: Things Replaced with Other Things

Whether it’s fixing a blemish in a photo, colorizing black and white photos or simply having fun, Photoshop is a very useful tool. Here are some of the most epic and hilarious instances where Photoshopped photos have gone viral.

1. Sports Balls Replaced with Cats

We discussed this viral Tumblr here. Still hilarious and still going strong.


2. Guns Replaced with Thumbs Up

Who knew these scenes could get more awesome?


3. Smartphones Replaced with Sandwiches

There is just something inherently funny about people being so enthralled with sandwiches.


4. Movie Guns Replaced with Nintendo Zappers

Duck Hunt just got real.


5. Face Swap

Any post about Photoshop skills would be incomplete without the ancient art of face swap. Even though some are done well and others not so much, face swap is always worth a chuckle.


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