Tin Foil Hoodie

What does every person that is scared of the Illuminati , Chemtrails and the Bildabergs need? A tin foil hat of course.

But when you make them yourselves, they are not the most fashionable looking:




Well artist Adam Harvey has changed all that with his new project.

The hoodie is an actual project by artist Adam Harvey. It’s part of a line of similar pieces of clothing he’s created, and it’s made of metallic reflective fabric not unlike the protective material used in some layers of firemen’s uniforms. The idea is that the material smears out or otherwise conceals your body’s thermal output and that can confuse overhead surveillance cameras-like those you sometimes see used on late-night cops reality shows…


There is even a tin foil scarf.


So now when you wear your tin foil, you can look stylish instead of looking like a paranoid freak.


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