Plane Crash in San Francisco Kills at Least 2; Injures 20-30

Onlookers survey the wreckage of a crash at SFO.
Credit: Politico

A little before noon on the west coast, a Boeing 777 carrying 291 passengers and 16 crew members crashed upon landing at the San Francisco International Airport and burst into a mess of flames and debris as it spun out of control across the runway. Asiana Airlines Flight 214 was arriving from Seoul, South Korea when it apparently botched its landing and came to a stop without a tail or the top of its fuselage.

Conflicting reports claim that one, two, or more were killed in the incident, which injured 20-30 passengers. The crash marks the first on US soil involving a jumbo jet in more than a decade.

Asiana Airlines Flight 214 was nearly reduced to ashes.
Credit: CNN

Rescuers attempt to douse the burning Boeing.
Credit: CBS News

Frightened survivors scrambled down inflatable slides on the sides of the aircraft to escape the wreckage. Officials temporarily shut down SFO, with one small runway to open later in the day. The National Transportation Safety Board has claimed that it is ‘too early to speculate’ about  the cause of the crash.

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