Congress on Pace to Break Record for Least Productive Ever

The current dismally unpopular Congress is now on track to hit all new lows of productivity. Since modern record-keeping began in the 1940′s, the session of Congress that set the bar for least amount of measures passed is this one’s predecessor, the 112th Congress. Bloomberg News reports:

Since the 113th Congress convened in January, the Senate has been in session 80 days and the House 84 days. Lawmakers passed 15 bills that were then signed by the president. That’s eight fewer than in the first six months of the last Congress and 19 fewer than in the same stretch of the 111th Congress.

Major pieces of legislation haven’t made it to the floor, such as a budget agreement, a food-and-farm policy bill,  and a measure preventing student Stafford loan rates from doubling. And while the Senate has popped out an immigration reform bill and farm legislation, the House has made little progress on either issue.

Congressmen often work four day weeks sandwiched between long stretches of vacation time.
Credit: Fox News

Apparently, the House and Senate have spent eight weeks away from Capitol Hill- but that doesn’t mean they’ve been putting in the hours to compensate. According to Congressional Records, most sessions have been brief and poorly attended, with one lasting just three minutes. Both branches are scheduled to be away from Washington for almost the entire month of August and into the first week of September.

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  1. July 6, 2013  9:25 pm by OldNuc Reply

    Number of bills passed is not a sign of progress or productivity but it is a sign of how much more idiotic laws are piled upon the nation.

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