11 Best #sluttyconfessions Tweets Of The Day!

The twiterverse was swarming with sluttiness abound. Now this humble writer has picked the 11 best out from the crowd.

11. This has to be the best play on words in years… not

10. This tweet makes me thirsty!

9. Because we all deserve to have this happen once!

8. That’s one hot chick.

7. We should all have known this hashtag would lead to some nudes being tweeted. Here are just a few of them.

6. In this heat the air conditioners are definitely getting some action.

5. There is always that one chick that just does not get it. Here she is.

4. In a new shocking Obama scandal Jeff Dunetz announced this! I think he may like this idea.

3. Even the cats got in on the hash-tag action.

2. For all the single people reading this post.

1. To all the players out there you get this tweet.

To sum it all up it was a generally slutty day in the twiterverse.

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