Gov. Rick Perry Predicts Texas Will Pass Late-Term Abortion Ban

Legislation being debated in the Texas legislature to ban abortions performed after 20 weeks gestation will be passed and signed into law, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Sunday. Efforts to enact the measure were halted last week by a state senator’s filibuster and disruptions by pro-abortion demonstrators at the state capitol in Austin.

“Texans want to protect life — that’s the bottom line here,” Perry said during an interview on Fox News Sunday. explaining that a special session would reconvene Monday to consider the legislation. Perry criticized as “mob rule” the disruptions that marred the closing hours of last week’s session. “It was the gallery that was out of control … no ability to hear what was going on on the Senate floor. I think anyone who watched that would consider it to be mob rule.”

State Sen. Wendy Davis, the Democrat whose 12-hour filibuster of S.B. 5 made national headlines, has said she will not filibuster it a second time. A poll last month showed 62 percent of Texans support banning abortions after 20 weeks.

The battle over the bill has attracted nationwide attention to Austin. During confrontations between supporters and opponents of the legislation at the state capitol last week, a group of anti-abortion protesters began singing the Christian hymn “Amazing Grace.” They were heckled by pro-abortion activists who chanted “Hail, Satan.” It was reported last week that a group called Grassroots Campaigns was offering to pay abortion supporters between $1,300 and $2,200 a month to participate in “our Pro Choice Campaign in Austin.”

One abortion opponent said he was exhausted by the “spiritual warfare” over the abortion bill.

“I have never seen the left do more spiritual warfare than I have so far this week,” Thomas Umstattd Jr. wrote at his blog. “Those of us who have been at the Capitol are worn out. I am weary to my bones. We need reinforcements.”



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  1. July 9, 2013  2:46 am by beautysalesqueen Reply

    I fully believe in the right to decide what happens to my own body. At the same time I am upset by the idea of something that actually resembles a human, being aborted if it is healthy. It's such a difficult topic because one side wants the fetus to be born but is unwilling to care for it once it's considered a human. The other side I often feel is so strong willed as to not be seen as weak or as victims that they can often lose sight of what they are truly fighting for.

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