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High School Track Team Disqualified Due to Sky-Point

Fun police strike again, disqualifying a Texas high school track 4×100 relay team for excessive celebration. The zealous officials nailed junior Derick Hays for breaking the University Interscolastic excessive celebration rule by making a finger gesture. No, not the one your thinking of. The offending gesture? A simple skypoint.

Man Survives Both Boston and Texas Blasts

Joe Berti of Austin, Texas was in Boston on Monday to race in the 117th Boston Marathon. According to the Associated Press, he figures he crossed the finish line about 30 seconds before the first bomb exploded. His wife was hit with shrapnel but escaped any serious injury. On Tuesday the Berti’s returned to their Texas home. The following night, as he was driving home from a meeting in Dallas […]

Disturbing Google Review Added to (And Deleted from) Texas Fertilizer Company on Map

Apparently, an environmentalist on the Internet decided that the devastating explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, was a good occasion to express criticism of “poisons” and “low natural gas price.” Twitter user @HunterrrCooke took a picture, capturing the hateful message: Cooke tweeted, “This is the description of the fertilizer plant on google maps in #WestTX… Wtf” Searches indicate that the review has since been deleted. Officials say more […]

Governor Rick Perry's Statement on West, Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

The world’s hearts and eyes are currently on West, Texas. Last evening there was a fire and subsequent explosion at West Fertilizer Co. There were rumors that there are 60-70 dead, however that is unconfirmed. What is confirmed right now is that 2 are dead and over 150 have been admitted into 3 hospitals. Texas Governor Rick Perry released the following statement last night: “We are monitoring developments and gathering […]