Texas Governor Rick Perry Won’t Seek Reelection, Leaves 2016 White House Bid Open

In a press conference today, the longest serving Governor of Texas and former GOP presidential contender, Rick Perry, announced he will not seek another term in 2014.

Rick Perry, the longest-serving governor in Texas history who famously muttered “oops” after forgetting during a 2011 presidential debate the third of three federal departments he’d pledged to close, announced Monday he won’t seek re-election next year to a fourth full term.

A staunch Christian conservative, proven job-creator and fierce defender of states’ rights, Perry has been in office nearly 13 years, making him the nation’s longest-sitting current governor.

The 63-year-old did not rule out another try for the White House in 2016, but Perry’s decision not to run again for his current post likely clears the way for longtime Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott to make a serious run at the Republican gubernatorial nomination in the March primary.

Various theories have been offered about Perry’s poor showing in the debates leading up to the 2012 election, including recovery from back surgery.

If Perry does seek the nomination again, he would by no means be the first to do so, nor the first to succeed if he does secure the nomination. Ronald Reagan failed to become the GOP nominee in 1976 only to be the nominee four years later, and Romney failed in 2008 but succeeded in 2012.

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