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The West, Texas Explosion: Before and After

After last week’s tragic explosion that leveled a West, Texas fertilizer plant and left at least 14 dead (many of them firefighters), people wondered just what the town looked like. Statesman.com, an online news source in Austin, Texas, has provided an interactive birds-eye view of the town that lets you compare the area before and after the tragic explosion. Below is a screenshot of the comparison.

Governor Rick Perry's Statement on West, Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

The world’s hearts and eyes are currently on West, Texas. Last evening there was a fire and subsequent explosion at West Fertilizer Co. There were rumors that there are 60-70 dead, however that is unconfirmed. What is confirmed right now is that 2 are dead and over 150 have been admitted into 3 hospitals. Texas Governor Rick Perry released the following statement last night: “We are monitoring developments and gathering […]

Rick Perry Falls Flat At #CPAC2013

Did Rick Perry have hopes for a presidential run in 2016? If so, they’re probably gone. Perry’s speech was rather good in terms of content – but it didn’t rile up the audience, save for a few sparse moments where the ballroom grew loud with applause. Introduced by the song “God Bless Texas,” Perry marched right on up to the podium and opened with a simple line: “God bless Texas.” […]

Rick Perry Says AG Greg Abbott Won't Run Against Him (If He Runs Again)

In an exclusive interview with Texas’ KHOU News Governor Rick Perry boldly stated that Attorney General Greg Abbott has told him he will not seek the GOP nomination for Governor in 2014 if Perry should seek reelection once again. The Abbott campaign entered into crisis mode following the interview and issued a public statement. “Gov. Perry and Gen. Abbott are close friends, and talk frequently,” wrote Abbott’s spokesman Eric Bearse. […]

Obama Losing Commerce

Earlier today, Commerce Secretary John Bryson resigned from his post after a health scare over the weekend of June 8-10. While driving around his home in California, Bryson suffered multiple seizures while behind the wheel of his car, and was involved in two accidents. The 68-year-old Bryson had been on leave since the accidents took place. In handing in his resignation to President Obama, Bryson said, “The work that you […]