High School Track Team Disqualified Due to Sky-Point

Columbus High Track Team

Fun police strike again, disqualifying a Texas high school track 4×100 relay team  for excessive celebration. The zealous officials nailed junior Derick Hays for breaking the University Interscolastic excessive celebration rule by making a finger gesture. No, not the one your thinking of. The offending gesture? A simple skypoint.

From Yahoo’s Pep Rally blog

Of the likely places for a debate over religious free expression to erupt, a Texas high school track and field meet probably wasn’t high on the list.

Remarkably, that’s precisely where one athlete’s reactionary gesture has led to a broader discussion about what is appropriate at public school events, after a Columbus (Texas) High relay team was disqualified for one of their member’s heavenward gesture. The incident occurred in Columbus, where the track and field team was hosting a meet with the goal of qualify athletes for the state championship meet later in May.

As first reported by Houston CBS affiliate KHOU, the school’s 4×100-meter relay squad achieved just that in winning its race decisively. The anchor of that 4×100 squad was junior Derrick Hayes, who ran a particularly blazing split and celebrated the team’s state qualification with a simple finger point to the heavens.

The parents are obviously livid.

Good thing Tim Tebow didn’t compete in that region, he would have been expelled after one event!


  1. May 6, 2013  11:42 am by Bobby Samsung Reply

    Texas UIL Officials Contact Information

    Policy and Administration

    Executive Director: Dr. Charles Breithaupt
    Department email: [email protected]

    Deputy Director: Jamey Harrison
    Email: [email protected]

    Chief of Staff: Kim Carmichael
    Email: [email protected]


  2. May 7, 2013  12:36 am by J L WALL Reply

    Now they change their story saying it was disrespect. Why did the offical even approch the boy any way? Because he raised his hand to the sky. Let them run, idiots.

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