14 Weirdest Named US Cities

You might want to go visit some of these places if you are in the area! Then you can take pictures, put them on Facebook, and all your friends will think you’re really cool!

They’ll also think you’re a weirdo.

14. Unalaska, Alaska

UNALASKA MEMORIAL PARK  (photo courtesy of P. Arpilleda)

13. Possum Grape, Arkansas

12. Intercourse, Pennsylvania

11. Mexican Hat, Utah

10. Nowthen, Minnesota

9. Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

8. Whynot, North Carolina

7. Knockemstiff, Ohio

6. Half.com, Oregon

5. Cookietown, Oklahoma

4. Virginville, Pennsylvania

3. Satan’s Kingdom, Utah

2. No Name, Colorado

1. Bacon, Texas

None of these towns sound as good as the following city, though:


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  1. May 2, 2013  12:59 pm by McGehee Reply

    Unalaska is weird, but you overlooked Eek, Alaska. I actually got a letter postmarked at Eek years ago.