51 Reported Dead in Renewed Violence in Cairo

Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Cairo.

The Egyptian Health Ministry has claimed that 51 people died and 435 were wounded in new clashes between military forces and Muslim Brotherhood supporters on Monday. The clash took place in front of the Republican Guard headquarters in Cairo, and marks the second such battle in front of the building since Friday.

Egyptian security officials claim that armed supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood attacked the building and were repelled by police and military forces. Interior Ministry spokesman Hany Abdel Latif told a press conference that “The Egyptian security forces are working to safeguard the freedom of the Egyptian people following the January 2011 revolution,” defending security forces from allegations that the violence was politically motivated.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood claims that the military attacked the protestors during morning prayers at a sit-in. Al-Nour, the Islamist party that supported Morsi’s overthrow, announced that it was suspending talks over the new government in response to the violence.

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