Is the Internet Worth It?

Get rid of the Internet? I couldn’t!

Or could I?

Washington Post columnist Robert Samuleson has come up with an odd argument as to why the Internet should go the way of the dinosaur.

His reasoning? Because there’s a possibility that the Internet could lead to ‘cyberattacks’ (or a cyberwar) that would lead to undetermined problems, we should stop using it.

“I don’t know the odds of this technological Armageddon. I doubt anyone does,” Samuleson said.

On one hand, he argues, it’s brought us great technology - vast amounts of information available at the click of a button, convenient ways to access banking information, send correspondence, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

On the other hand, because terrorists might take down parts of the Internet, we may as well just take down the whole thing.

Adam Thierer has written a detailed response to Samuleson, in essence stating that you could easily substitute automobiles, airplanes, or any other modern technology as technological marvels that should disappear.

Is the Internet worth it?  According to Samuleson, it’s not.

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