With New Site, Tech Companies Look For DC Cred

The Internet Association - the trade/lobbying group for a consortium on internet companies - launched a new website Monday as tech companies seek to expand their collective presence in Washington, D.C.  The site invites users to peruse and mark up legislation moving through Congress and prompts contact with elected representatives.

Aside from a slicker-than-normal design and the legislative markup feature, the site is typical of those of well-run advocacy groups - which mirrors the fact that Google, Facebook, and other giants of Silicon Valley have made news by beefing up their lobbying and outreach inside the beltway.

That’s probably smart given some of the issues that occupy Washington right now.  The ongoing information leak on NSA programs by Edward Snowden will keep online privacy discussions going for the near future, the internet sales tax is about to hit the House, and visa availability is a major component of immigration reform legislation.

Internet policy will be written - whether or not the internet industry participates.

(Via The Hill.)

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