An Open Letter to Nike: Geography - You’re ‘Just Doing It’ Wrong

Dear Nike,

We saw that you recently added to your NFL t-shirt collection a Carolina Panthers shirt bearing a silhouette of South Carolina instead of North Carolina presumably angering several groups including Panther fans, North Carolinians, South Carolinians, and cartographers.



Look, we get that America is a vast country with lots of states. Some of the states are shaped similarly, or named similarly, and some are just impossible to find on a map (Delaware? Anyone?) It’s hard to nail down what all 50 of the states look like, and it’s even harder to remember what sports teams come from which states, especially when franchises refuse to accurately identify the team’s location (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim…what?)

We don’t mind that a multi-billion dollar, global behemoth of company with massive product development and research teams was confused by the fact that the non-specifically named Carolina Panthers play in North Carolina and not South Carolina, even though they’ve been in the league for almost 20 years now. We also don’t mind that you, an Oregon based company, have added to the list of reasons that everyone outside of the Pacific time zone thinks west coasters are a bunch of self-centered morons.

What we really mind is that you think it’s acceptable to charge $32 for a t-shirt. Any t-shirt.


Your Friends at ViralRead

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