ViralRead Fantasy Football 2013 Draft-Kit, Mock is Cheap: Standard League (Early Pick)

Mock drafts.

One of the most underrated tools in any Fantasy Player’s tool chest. I talked about the nicety of these in my Draft Day Declarations column focused on beginners. But I know that most of you don’t have time or the will to do them, so, here I am to help.

Today’s mock draft is a standard serpentine 12 team non-PPR league draft, with an early pick.

It will be an 16 round draft. 1QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/1Flex/Def/PK/6bench

Standard scoring. 4pts passing TD/6pts Rushing/Receiving TD


Today I will be selecting 2nd.

1.2 (2 Overall)- Adrian Peterson, RB, MIN

I am surprised that Doug Martin went first. I am more than happy to get AP here. In a non-PPR league, I need a solid RB.

2.11 (23rd Overall)- Jimmy Graham, TE, NOS

RBs are already getting scarce and if it weren’t Jimmy Graham, I would be going Stevan Ridley here. BUT the chasm between Jimmy Graham and the rest of the field is vast. Vast enough to pounce.

3.2 (26th Overall)- Brandon Marshall, WR, CHI

Stevan Ridley went off the board at 25th overall. I am already in prayer land at RB. So, I am locking up a top 5 WR here. Not going to panic on RB…yet.

4.11 (47th Overall)- Ahmad Bradshaw, RB, IND

I can’t believe he fell to me here. But he did. And while Le’Veon Bell and Montee Ball went before him, I strongly believe that Bradshaw will finish ahead of them…THIS year.

5.2 (50th Overall)- Jordy Nelson, WR, GBP

I know he had a down year last year. But I like him as an every week starter. And I believe there is overwhelming depth at WR available.

6.11 (71st Overall)- Russell Wilson, QB, SEA

Out of the QBs still available…this is by far the best choice. Hard to believe he fell to the 71st pick, but I will take him!

7.02 (74th Overall)- Cecil Shorts, WR, JAC

I really have no choice here, in a non-PPR RB is a must. But I am not quite ready to take a rookie flyer yet.

8.11 (95th Overall)- Anquan Boldin, WR, SFO

I am going WR in my flex. Pretty happy in this choice, even for a non-PPR.

9.02 (98th Overall)- Giovanni Bernard, RB, CIN

Now, I am ready to take my rookie flyer. Once he starts, I should have a solid flex play for bye-weeks. AND if he reaches his RB2 potential? The playoffs just got easier.

10.11 (119th Overall)- Jay Cutler, QB, CHI

Time for the backup QB

11.02 (122nd Overall)- DeAndre Hopkins, WR, HOU

Now for my WR rookie flyer

12.11 (143rd Overall)- Daryl Richardson, RB, STL

I am ecstatic. I love his upside. AND I believe he will be the Saint Louis Rams’ starter for bye weeks.

13.02 (146th Overall)- Cordarelle Patterson, WR, MIN

Gives me a starting WR. I know that his QB is a huge question mark, but it is the 13th round. At this point, you are taking upside guys. And he has the very best upside in this round.

14.11 (167th Overall)- Zac Stacy, RB, STL

Unless Isaiah Pead has a monster season (I am betting strongly no) I am invested in the STL rushing attack. And with the absence of Jackson…I am in good shape here.

15.02 (170th Overall)- David Akers, PK, DET

Yes, I believe DET scores lots and they are in a dome. Two pluses in the kicker department.

16.11 (191st Overall)- Indianapolis Colts, TD

Why? They play the Raiders at home to open the season. From there I will plug and play.

My Team

I ended up with: 2 QB, 5RB, 6WR, 1 TE/PK/TD

My Starters are

Russell Wilson, Adrian Peterson, Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Marshall, Jordy Nelson, Cecil Shorts, Jimmy Graham, and Anquan Boldin is my flex.

How I think I did?

I would give myself a B.

I am hoping that Graham seriously outpaces the other TEs. But more importantly, I have depth. Other teams have some better starters (The 8th drafter ended up with Calvin Johnson AND AJ Green, but he has Mendenhall and Matthews as his starting RBs) Bottomline, I have a top 5 player at every position with the exception of QB (top 10) and TD (who cares). That is about what you are aiming for when you draft. With this team, I am going to win a lot of games.