A Guide to Congressional Townhall Meetings in August



With Congress in recess for the month of August, are you wondering if your representative is holding a Townhall? Matt Kibbe of Freedomworks.org  has provided the tools for you to find out. His website, DemandATownhall.com, has a guide for sourcing the phone numbers of your Congressional representatives to ask if he or she is holding a Townhall meeting.

If the answer is yes, Freedomworks asks that you add it to the calendar on their website. If your representative is not planning on a Townhall, demand a Townhall by contacting FreedomWorks on their site “to see how you can get involved to host a Townhall—with or without—their participation.”

As Kibbe says, “It’s our right to be heard by the people we elected to represent us, and we need to know if our legislators are doing everything they can to defund ObamaCare (among other issues.) If no Townhall is scheduled, Kibbe asks, “Why are you silencing the voices of the people who pay your salary? Why are you siding with Washington over the rest of America by refusing to engage your constituents?”

Visit DemandATownhall.com to find out more.





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